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Services & Prices


sha + mask incl.

  • brushing

    39/45 €
  • haircut & brushing

    50/56/62 €
  • men’s haircut

    36/46 €
  • child’s haircut

    20/30 €

We will propose you original haircut models and ideas, perfectly adapted to your hair color and type. Why always a brushing? A haircut to us is a complete hair care journey. The brushing allows us to treat your hair in depth, to eliminate water residue and fix the shape, for impeccable precision and aesthetics. You can always choose the styling that you prefer: natural drying, smooth, wavy, curly, etc…

Our services are always all inclusive, so you can have the clearest possible idea of the final price.

100% vegetal color by Gaïa

brushing + finishing incl.

  • color 1 time

    from 77 €
  • color 2 times

    from 107 €
  • vegetal gloss

    from 72 €
  • +haircut in combination

    28 €

Our 100% vegetal color by Gaïa is not just a hair color, but a real beauty and health treatment.

It allows total coverage of white hair and a long lasting result.

We offer a wide range of colors suitable for all natural and non-natural bases: Venetian blond, light blond, chestnut, copper, red, brown, brown, black, etc.

Before booking a 100% vegetable color for the first time, we suggest that you contact us to arrange a diagnostic appointment (+/- 10 min).

The purpose is to define the percentage of white hairs to cover up, and your desired color, if it is close to your natural base or if you want to modify it. Thus, we can also advise you better on how to prepare and take care of your hair before and after the color.

Ammonia-free color by Davines

brushing + finishing incl.

  • color

    from 77 €
  • highlights

    from 115 €
  • balayages

    from 105 €
  • shatush

    from 127 €
  • dégradé

    from 138 €
  • +toner in combination

    36 €
  • +haircut in combination

    28 €

This is the best possible alternative to 100% vegetable color in terms of hair health and quality of the result. There are no limits on the color palette and highlights.

Our ammonia-free colors allows total coverage of white hair and a long lasting result. They are based on natural pigments, and enriched with carotenoids and other nutrients.

Our highlights works (like mèches, balayages, etc.) are done with clay-based bleaching powders that allow for a gentle and fully controlled oxidation, without damaging the hair.

Hair beauty treatments

to combine with any styling or color

  • vegetal keratin treatment by DAVINES

    from 50 €
  • hyaluronic acid treatment by DAVINES

    from 50 €
  • bain + specific mask by DAVINES

    15 €
  • bain + blond mask by DAVINES

    17 €
  • sea salt scrub mask by DAVINES

    17 €
  • clay mask by GAÏA

    25 €

Our health and beauty treatments are all exclusively based on natural ingredients. To be booked in combination with a service from the styling or color section.
You can choose among full beauty soins such as our vegetal keratin or hyaluronic acid treatments, our intense masks with faster application adapted to all needs (repairing, purifying, color and shine, scalp, etc.) as well as our sea salt scrub and our purifying clay and essential oil wrap.
Vegetal keratin: this is a beauty treatment for extremely damaged hair. The vegetal keratin has an intense protective anti-breakage action and creates new bonds within the hair structure. It is particularly suitable for processed and colored hair or as an after-summer beauty treatment. The result is a hydrated, soft hair with a shiny and silky look.
Hyaluronic acid: this is a beauty treatment for all hair types. The hyaluronic acid has an intense re-plumping and compacting effect, providing intense moisture and a longer lasting hold to your hair leaves, while soothing the sensitive scalp. The result is a healthy looking and voluminous hair.

Rituels by Gaïa

brushing + finishing incl.

  • purifying – equilibre

    from 68 €
  • gaining – vitalité

    from 68 €
  • relaxing – sérénité

    from 68 €
  • nourishing – volupté

    from 68 €

The Rituels by Couleurs Gaïa are at the crossroads of hair care and well-being.

These treatments take about an hour (an hour and a half with a haircut) and are based on natural ingredients such as neutral henna (non-coloring), clay, shea butter, as well as different oils of jojoba, macadamia olive, argan, sesame and orange flower.

You can choose among 4 different treatments designed to address most hair and scalp imbalances.

Équilibre: rebalances and purifies the scalp, nourishes damaged lengths and ends.
Vitalité: increases the volume and revives the shine of the hair.
Sérénité : soothes the sensitive scalp and gives softness and shine to the hair.
Volupté: nourishes and restructures brittle, dry and damaged hair.

You can book any of the rituals, then adapt it according to the advice of our experts once in the salon.